Softbev is an innovative company formed between two well established firms, Quality Beverages and Shoreline Beverages with over 50 years of combined industry experience. Our company consists of top management professionals knowledgeable in all aspects of the beverage industry. We are a 100% South African owned company and specialise in a variety of soft drinks servicing the people of Southern Africa. Our success is built on values such as quality, excellence, independence and diversity and our business built on the principles of excellence in production, marketing and distribution. These principles have established us as a strong force within the FMCG industry and with three manufacturing hubs across South Africa we are able to service our consumers with products that are of superior quality and brands that offer our consumers the widest range of flavours at an affordable price.

Our Values

Our highly experienced technicians ensure that all of our packaging and ingredients used meet the highest South African and International quality standards.
We bottle primarily Polyethylene Triaptherlate (PET) bottles that offer superior hygiene, safety, strength and most importantly quality. PET is a world standard in the soft drink industry and our factories utilise world class standards to fill and package every bottle. While producing quality products is vital, we also take great pride and effort in ensuring that we get our soft drinks to our customers throughout South Africa. We aim for excellence in all of our processes of production, marketing, distribution and sales.
Softbev is an equal opportunity organisation and reflects the population of South Africa at all levels of the company without bias to create conditions in the workplace and wider society that encourages and values diversity, promotes dignity and ensures that communication with clients, customers and suppliers are conducted in a constructive way that supports appropriate inclusion.
To be transparent in our business and its policies to promote trust, reinforce our core values and therefore create synergy between the company, its stakeholders and consumers.


To offer a portfolio of non-alcoholic beverage brands that consumers prefer and that our customer and supplier partners value.


Our mission is to provide a range of quality brands that offer refreshment and sociability to our many valued consumers.

Our Brands:

Our brands represent some of the most popular beverages in South Africa and abroad. Each has its own heritage and personality, some formed through South African culture and others through international influence. All our brands have become trusted household names that are of superior quality and we are therefore able to add value to the lives of our consumers by offering choice and variety at an affordable price.